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My passion for scientific research originates from the fact that, in a changing environment, it is only with accurate ecological knowledge that we have the means for sustainable use and conservation. However, information alone is useless if it not taken out to the public and decision makers. I aim to contribute not just to the field of biology, but also to the fields of popular science communication and environmental activism, to reach the ultimate cores of environmental problems and to make a difference where it actually matters.

Throughout my career, I have participated in several ecological projects, including long-term rodent population monitoring, nature consulting for environmental NGOs in boreal forests, and conducting surveys on the strictly protected Siberian flying squirrel. However, above all, my interests lie in the vegetation of northern ecosystems and the factors that affect it. I have done research for the “Nordic Centre of Excellence Tundra” project at the University of Turku and for the “Vegetation changes over decades – causes and consequences” project at the University of Oulu. My master thesis project was an observational study of long-term vegetation community changes in Finnish Lapland. Fieldwork being my absolute favorite part of biological research, I have worked at several remote field stations, including Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Subarctic Research Station of Kevo, Joatka Fjellstue and the University Centre in high-arctic Svalbard. Recently, I volunteered as an assistant for the next evaluation of the endangerment level of Finnish Fissidens bryophytes. My first popular science book received the State Award for Public Information 2019.

Currently, I’m widening my research scope from Scandinavia to the whole terrestrial arctic, boreal Canada, and Scotland by doing PhD research on the effects of vertebrate herbivory and climate on northern vegetation.

​Biosphere and natural sciences gave me my life, and I’m going to give as large part of it back as possible.

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