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"Katajavuori mixes history, natural sciences and sociology in an educative and entertaining way. For an amateur scientist who wants to ponder big questions, the book is like a full bag of pick 'n' mix candy.”

Tommi Aitio,



“Katajavuori weaves numerous exhilarating and stunning connections between humans, animals and plants… The huge amount of information that “The Matter of Death and Life” includes is wrapped up into a compelling popularized science book, spiced with black humour.”

Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen,

Helsingin Sanomat

The Matter of Death and life

Atena 2018 (in Finnish)


Popularized biology and environmental sciences about the self-destructive behavior of organisms, species and societies.


Currently only available in Finnish. Translation rights represented by Kontext Agency.

The book has received the State Award for Public Information 2019.

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